As a society we have had to learn how to entertain ourselves in different ways, but to be sure, we’re staying at home a lot more. I like movies and TV so I’m spending more time doing that. If you like to read, this time in has been a special time to catch up on all those books your busy schedule didn’t allow prior to Covid-19.

A new survey asked people for the makings of their ideal Friday Night ALONE. From all the answers, the commonalities were sorted  and here are the answers. As you read these, you may ask yourself as I did. Why all the odd stopping and starting times? Don’t most people round up or down times in general conversation. If I say “I’ll meet you for a drink after work (back when you could do that), I would say “Meet me at 6:30”! I doubt I’d say “Meet me at 6:42”? That seemed odd to me but other than that, the perfect Friday night alone could work for me, except for the bubble bath. That’s just not me but to each his or her own.

1. Done with work by 5:52 

2. Cheesecake for dessert.

3. Settled in on the couch to binge watch three episodes of a favorite TV show by 8:13 P.M.

4. Having a beer or glass of wine.

5. Spending 27 minutes on social media.

6. Taking a bubble bath.

7. In bed by 10:56 P.M.PM.

In closing 73% of people surveyed said they’d choose a Friday night alone IN instead of going out. Has this pandemic caused us to rediscover ourselves and appreciate time alone more? That’s another survey for another time. Happy Friday