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If ever there was a year to go all out for your favorite holiday, this year is the year! Yesterday I found a few Halloween must-haves for this year and if you dig the spooky season, you’ll dig these.

The Home Depot has a 12 foot skeleton with creepy eyes and it is awesome! Now, a giant skeleton with animated LCD eyes that are spooky doesn’t come cheap. This bad boy is $299 but obviously worth it as it’s sold out online. I’d hit my local store asap to see if I could snag one. It’s cool!

Here are some other fun Halloween decorations to go with Mr. Skeleton.

Halloween Countdown

12 Foot Skeleton! ???????????? #Halloween2020 #horrorfan #Fun Join us Online @

These aren’t going to hit your wallet as hard as the skeleton! Amazon is carrying Beistle’s inflatable coffin cooler and it is kickass! This vampire cooler will be a hit at any Halloween bash. All you have to do is blow it up with an air pump. It can hold up to 48 12 ounce cans. You can fill the inflatable with anything from canned cocktails to soda to pumpkin beers to snacks. Your call! If you’re a huge candy person, you could even fill it up with Halloween treats!

If you have small kids, they are going to want to sit in this thing. The cooler costs about $27 on Amazon and the reviews are good. I want one for year round! Details here. 

The Beistle Company

Vampire/Coffin coolers are the "coolest" thing to have. Make sure to get one for your upcoming Halloween party (item 00019). Celebrating life - one event at a time. ~The Beistle Company...