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Dalton Touchberry/Unsplash

I’ve watched many sporting events, including some that were interrupted by wildlife. Occasionally, a cat or squirrel will run out onto a field and cause a minor delay. But I’ve never seen anything as exotic as the bird that stopped a recent soccer match in its tracks.

UPI reports a soccer game in Croatia was halted when an escaped parrot swooped down onto the field and landed on a player’s back. The video below shows Karlo Isasegi being surprised by the bird after a teammate’s goal.

Fortunately, Isasegi was able to gently get a hold of the yellow Alexandrine parrot. He then handed the bird off to someone on the sideline, much to the delight of the spectators.

This story has a happy ending. Dominik Bubalo, the parrot’s owner, said his pet had been missing for three days before she appeared at the soccer field. The two were reunited after the match.