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Didn’t mean to call you a guinea pig, but if your email and social media platforms are free, then consider yourself a product for companies to spy on you. Our new marketplace is human activity. Why and how do you think companies target us with ads, and somehow figure out what posts we see? We’re tracked by and with our personal phones and we pay the monthly fee for that – I think that’s a genius way of spying on us as we pay for it, right?!!!!

I admit that checking social media was fun at first, but it still has it’s appeal. But on the other hand it’s taxing to answer everyone’s reply to your post, and not liking their post. People literally get upset if you don’t like their posts, you’ve seen and felt it! Why would social media engines treat us like lab rats? Because these social media platforms have had an agenda all along and their first incentive is: the engagement goal – how many times you’re supporting something, or clicking likes and making comments. They have another agenda called growth goals of inviting us back to a certain post. Lastly, the advertising goal of companies making a profit from your interactions. The holy grail for them is giving us positive intermittent reinforcement so we crave. To take it a step further; rewarding behavior immediately as people like your posts. By making the rewards unpredictable, you’re triggered with excitement.

Social media boils down to the dopamine surges you receive, the subduction and hopefully the addiction that you’re prone to on a daily basis.

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