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Fall is here and fall means tasty pies! LOVE! I’m a big fan of pumpkin pie, apple pie, and any berry pie and fall is when we see lots of pies. But I promise you, you’ve never seen pies like these!

Jessica Clark-Bojin is a master of baking and she’s shared some of her best Halloween-themed pies with Bored Panda. I’ve blogged about Clark-Bojin before because her pies are not only delicious, they are works of art! If you’re a fan of watching food and baking shows, then you must see her pies. I’ve never seen such amazing pies!

Not only will you marvel at the art work, you’ll trip out when you see that all of Clark-Bojin’s pies are yummy! I started following her on Instagram last year, and her talent is amazing. I checked her website recently to see if her buys were “buyable” but they aren’t. I get it….they really are too stunning to cut into.

If you’re a baker though, and I’m not, you can take pie tutorials on Clark-Bojin’s website and she also sells the tools needed to make fun pies.  Find out details here and check out pics of ALL the Halloween/Fall pies here.  You’ll keep looking because they are truly mind blowing!