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I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like music. Some more than others for sure, but during this very difficult time we find ourselves living in, I have found that my passion for music is stronger than ever. Let’s face it, I wanted to get into radio at age 15 because I loved music so much. I’ve listened to more music since this pandemic began and it’s really easy to understand why. Music evokes emotion, memories of better times in our lives, special people in our lives that may or may not still be with us. That is the POWER OF MUSIC and why it has always gotten so many people through so many bad times.

A few times in my career when I’ve thought, “I wish I’d chosen a career that had more of an impact on society. Maybe I should have been a police officer, EMT or a hospital worker where I could actually help people”? Usually when I start to feel that way, I’ll run into someone that I don’t even know that will tell me of a really bad time in their lives when they use to tune in my show and the music that I played really got them through a tough time. When that happens, I begin to realize that playing and serving up music to people can be a very powerful thing to do. I do like most all types of music. I have to leave room for not enjoying Opera and Classical! I’m sure both are wonderful, it’s just that I just haven’t taken the time to appreciate them yet. Maybe I will.

Some of my all time favorites are below for you to browse, (Not in any particular order) but more importantly I’ve learned to never put down anyone for their musical tastes. Music speaks to people in different ways. I hope YOUR music has helped get you through 2020.