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Eddie Van Halen is a rock and roll legend, but you may not know that he once appeared in a country music video. Back in 1986 Hank Williams Jr. featured Van Halen in his “My Name Is Bocephus” video.

Before they shot the video, Van Halen did a short video clip of them getting ready to get in Bocephus mode.

Sammy Hagar says in the video of Hank Jr., “The man really knows to party down, right?”

Also during the clip, Eddie shows off his amazing guitar skills playing sounds saying “Let me do my elephant for ya” and then, “Here’s my horse.”


This band would whip any band on any stage ...Just the music alone is too much for the the shitty bands that come out day after day. Even the ones that drag ...

In the official video for “My Name Is Bocephus, Van Halen members play pool, take the stage and party with Hank.

Hank Williams Jr - My Name Is Bocephus (Official Music Video)

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In case you didn’t know, “Bocephus” is was what Hank Williams Jr.’s father the late Hank Williams gave his baby son as a nickname before he passed away at the young age of 27 in as a baby. That was in 1953.

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