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(L-R) Jeff Ostermueller, John Say (Concord, N.C. native) and Dave Green

This week a great year for films. 1976 and a young Robert De Niro starred in Martin Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver” with an even younger Jodi Foster. The “GUSH” alarm may go off on this one. Also a review of  Sidney Lumet’s “Network” starring Peter Finch, who received a posthumous Oscar for his role as Howard Beale, TV anchor’s descent into madness. The network also stars Faye Dunaway and William Holden. This week’s redemption film is “Stay Hungry” a movie introducing a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sally Field, and Jeff Bridges.

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Below are Jeff, Dave & John’s description and particulars on this week’s episode.

This week on the pod we talk about some movies! Two of these films are among the best films of all time. Stay Hungry, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s the name I just copied and pasted from Google, Jeff Bridges and Sally Field, is not. Our co-host, Dave, who has seen Solo at least 5 times and Cats at least once, had never seen Taxi Driver or Network. We start with his take on Taxi Driver and how the timeless first-person narrative and political undertones keep this Scorsese classic as the standard-bearer. We then talk about how ridiculously good Network is- the satire, the humor, the relentlessness of all of the actors and characters. We most certainly talk about how both of these films are extremely relevant and an immediate re-watch by all is recommended. Doctor’s orders. We wrap up with a discussion of Stay Hungry: Was it really that bad?