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Melany Myers

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There are numerous reasons I don’t run or hike lots, and WILD ANIMALS is on my list! A guy just trying to exercise ran into the wrong baby animals on the trail and it got real scary, real quick!

Kyle Burgess accidentally came across mountain lion cubs during a run on the Slate Canyon trail In Utah. Their mama wasn’t happy and tracked him down, followed him and chased him away to protect her young. She stayed with him for six minutes until he ran away. Obviously Kyle couldn’t turn his back on the mama cougar, so he captured all six minutes on his phone.

The video is a bit terrifying. I can’t imagine being in that position. By the looks of it, Kyle did the right thing. My guess is he’ll carry a stick, a gun, or some other type of protection next time he goes for a run.

None of us can blame the mama for being protective, but damn! Nature is scary!