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Melany Myers

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Every year, 911 is called because someone’s Halloween decorations go a bit too far. I’ve never seen decorations like this though! A California homeowner went all out this Halloween and created such a realistic scene  that 911 has been called multiple times. The decorations are SO realistic, that folks think the house is on fire.

Turns out, the home is not on fire, its just Carmen And Travis Long’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed decorations. They started putting it together three years ago and have added to it each year. Now, they’ve really out done themselves.

When I looked at the pictures of the house, I thought it was really on fire too! Their house has become such a sight, that almost 400 people each night check it out.

Video of the Halloween scream scene has gone viral and you can see it below. Definitely looks real!

Halloween decor's realism at Riverside home prompts emergency calls to fire department I ABC7

A Riverside family's Halloween decor is so realistic that multiple people have made emergency phone calls summoning firefighters to the home.