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CHARLOTTE, NC - #13 on list of desirable places to live in U.S.

Two North Carolina cities made the Top 10 in the 100 Best Places to live by “Livability”, but “not too shabby” Charlotte lands at lucky 13 in this latest list just released. Asheville and Durham made the top 10 and some other N.C. cities made the list as well.

Top 100 List Here

What makes Charlotte so desirable?

“Opportunities abound and the energy is high without being overwhelming. Charlotte is small enough that you can have an impact — and help shape the city in a positive way — yet large enough to have plenty of interesting things to do.”

Shannon Bins
Founder and Executive Director, Sustain Charlotte

Scott Olson/Getty Images

From my personal perspective having been born and raised in Concord, just 20 miles NE, I have have enjoyed watching Charlotte turn from a mid-sized city into a thriving Metropolis. I always tell people that my perception of Charlotte is that I grew up along with it. When uptown exploded in the late 70’s and 80’s and Charlotte was starting to feel like a big city, it was tough because we didn’t have pro sports. Then in the late 80’s all of a sudden we had the Hornets (the first Hornets). Others then said, “but you can’t be a real city until you have the NFL”. Enter Jerry Richardson and his owner’s group and viola’ it’s 1995 and we have the NFL. 8 years later we’re in the Super Bowl and now the nation starts to know and understand where Charlotte is. Toss in the light rail and the explosion along the rail line of restaurants, housing and shopping and you get the picture. NASCAR has been here since 1960 and also helped folks know where the city was (even if the Charlotte Motor Speedway is located in my hometown of Concord) Good quality of life here, vibrant economy overall, awesome climate (10 months out of the year, you can wear shorts if you want) and it’s easy to see why Charlotte N.C.  makes this list at #13. Did I mention it’s a hour to the mountains and about 3 to the beach!