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Melany Myers

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Now, I’m single but I don’t think an ultimatum is a persuasive way to get your fiance to marry you. An unnamed Nevada woman marched into the Target store where her fiancé works and demanded that he marry her immediately.

In a now-viral TikTok video taken by shopper Ashley Domingues, the bride loudly demands her boyfriend marry her. Wearing a wedding dress, and with bridesmaid and a pastor in tow, the woman found her fiance working. He was busy stocking Halloween costumes when she ambushed him.

The video shows the bridezilla walking up to her fiance and saying, “You put this ring on my finger two years ago. It’s time to do it or get out.” The brunette then announces, “I brought the pastor and I brought Emily, she’s my bridesmaid.” She went on to tell the shocked guy that if he didn’t marry her right there, that she was leaving him. Obviously, the guy was shocked and somewhat speechless. You can hear him in the video ask his future bride if they could go outside and chat. Doh!

There’s no word on whether the viral bride and groom got married. I’m gonna bet $20 that they did NOT have a wedding. I’m not a relationship professional as I’ve been divorced twice, but pushing someone in a corner usually isn’t smart.

Maybe the wanna-be-bride should have talked about their love and the happiness they’ve shared.  Being demanding in a Target and yelling probably wasn’t the smartest move. I understand being frustrated but girl…..NOOOOOO!

At least the bridezilla did get to walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. It was down an aisle in Target, but still….an aisle. LOL! I hope there’s a follow up to this story! I really want to know the outcome of this story. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop.

Here’s the video that has gone viral. What do you think the woman’s ambush wedding idea?