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Today is the final Amazon Prime Day! I gave you a list of some great things on sale earlier this week, but I think this list is worthy too.  has a list of practical things worth buying right now and it’s a great list!  On my phone I have a “note” of things I want for my apartment. While looking through this list, many of my “need/want” items were on it.

I enjoy cooking and I’ve wanted a cast iron skillet for years. I had one when I was married, but I think the ex got it in the divorce. People swear by a good cast iron skillet. Right now the Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillet is 40% off. The 10 inch skillet is under $15! Score!

For the last two years people have been raving about Instant Pots and Air Fryer’s. I have neither. I’m good with my Crock-Pot, but I think I’d use an air fryer often. Since I’m trying to eat healthier, an air fryer would work. An Instant Pot with an air fryer is on sale now for $120. There are other models on sale as well, some up to 50% off.

My dog Kramer doesn’t shed too much but Mollie does! She’s a broken-hair Jack Russell. so her hair is all over the place. There’s a grooming glove on sale that won’t freak your dog out. They’ll think you’re just petting them. It’s only $10!

If you like shopping and saving money, you may want to check out the Amazon deals. There’s so much stuff on sale that it’s hard to navigate through it all. Now’s a great time to snag stuff you want or snag gifts for the holidays. Happy shopping!