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Melany Myers

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Since March, lots of  companies have created face masks. This week, a few companies have taken a step further and added food scents to their face masks. Yup. You can now be safe and sniff the scent of your favorite food.

Jack in the Box is promoting a new plant-based “Unchicken Sandwich” by distributing a chicken-scented face mask. The mask has the scent of fried chicken, since the sandwich they’re making is supposed to be a substitute for poultry. The masks will be distributed for free for those that can snag one on a special website on October 23rd.
If chicken isn’t your thing, then how about bacon! Hormel has a new mask to promote their Black Label Bacon. Called “Breathable Bacon,” the face mask contains the aroma of bacon inside of it so you can smell it whenever you’re wearing your mask. Hormel is also giving these out for free on a special website. Those that have already tried the mask say it has more of a bonfire smell than a bacon smell. The cool thing about this mask is that Hormel giving meals to Feeding America for every person that requests one of the face masks, up to 10,000 meals. Excellent idea!
If you want to experience the aroma of chicken or bacon, giddy up! I think both be too much for me. OR they’d make me hungry!  Who knows when the pandemic will be over, so there’s a good chance more food scented masks will be available soon.