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Wow. Just WOW. Now, I think everyone should do what makes them happy but this is a bit odd. A Ukrainian Instagram model claims to have the biggest cheeks in the world and she’s apparently not done filling them up yet. And when I tell you they’re big, I mean BIG! Squirrels are jealous of this woman!

39 year-old Anastasia Pokreshchuk says that she got her first injection at the age of 26. After that, she fell in love with the size and kept going bigger. Her enormous cheeks have given her quite a following on Instagram. She has over 220,000 followers and has no problem turning the other cheek to those that troll her looks.

Again, I’m all for folks feeling happy with themselves but this just looks wrong! And truth told, it doesn’t look natural or safe. I can’t imagine any doctor thinking that “squirrel cheeks” was a good idea. More details and pics here.  Crazy!  I’m OUT for all this mess!