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Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

It’s challenging to hold any sort of group activity these days. The pandemic has sports teams allowing only small percentages of their stadium capacities in for games. Movie theaters have struggled to reopen and stay open. And the concert business isn’t close to coming back. But what about a high school dance?

A high school in the Czech Republic recently held a formal prom-type dance for its students, but it didn’t look like any school dance I had ever attended. While the kids weren’t exactly social distancing, they were wearing face coverings. They teens were also doing something else that looked out of the ordinary. They were dancing back-to-back.

I’m not entirely sure if the students were told to dance together without facing one another as a way of reducing the spread of coronavirus. If so, it seems pointless. The kids were still touching. How much safer could it have been? Maybe the backward dance was just something they did for fun. What does it look like to you? The guy at the end of the video certainly has an opinion about it:

High school prom in Czech Republic has students dance with backs to each other and with masks on

Still don't believe that we're living in 1984? At a high school prom in the Czech Republic, students were forced to dance with their backs to each other and ...