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Do you remember the days of movie rental stores? They started out renting VHS and even Betamax cassettes about 40 years ago in 1980. When VHS died and were replaced by DVD, they switched to that medium, but “streaming” pretty much killed them.

A new petition Is calling for an empty Blockbuster to be preserved as a Museum!
It seems there’s only one Blockbuster left that’s still operating, and most of ones that went out of
business have been turned into other things, like restaurants, seasonal stores and more.

The lone Blockbuster Video building that remains is in Georgian Bluffs, Ontario, Canada that shut down in 2011 but stillĀ looks just like a Blockbuster . . . it has the classic sign, the blue and yellow awnings, and

So now there’s a petition going around to preserve it as a museum to remember those simpler times. So far the petition has 1,800 signatures. I think the contents of my basement could populate that empty Blockbuster, how about your basement?


There’s a great documentary on NETFLIX about their battle with Blockbuster over the DVD rental market prior to streaming. It’s worth a watch. Below is NOT that documentary but is a quick look at the battle between the two.

How Netflix Killed Blockbuster?

In this Video of Discovr, We will find out What happened to Blockbuster and How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster. You will find out the story of Rise of Netflix...