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Millions of Americans may not be able to pay their rent in October, November, and December. What are we to do if we’re renting, no family in town or reliable friends and shelters are full? Evictions and shutting off utilities are back on the rise and North Carolina is no different than other states. National housing researchers now predicting one in five of the 110 million Americans who rent, are at risk of eviction by December 2020 and, meanwhile, housing advocates on both the state and national level continue to push for more relief funds and debt forgiveness programs for renters. Are you scrambling for help from being on the street? It’s a shame that COVID-19 has decimated America’s economy!

Across the state, landlords filed evictions against more than 18,000 tenants in between moratoriums, and it’s unclear how many people were and will be displaced. Remember a few months ago when eviction filings doubled from June to July and continued that pace into August? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention most tenants struggling to pay their rent will be allowed to stay in their homes until the end of the year. But, what if your landlord can’t afford to keep you in the property rent-free? Check out this article about At Risk of Eviction.


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