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Choosing where to apply to college is a tough decision, and many high school seniors are probably grappling with that very question about now. There are tons of reports with opinions on the best colleges out there, and now WalletHub has chimed in with their picks. They looked at almost 1,000 institutions, judging them on 30 key factors in categories such as Cost & Financing, Career Outcomes, Student Selectivity, Campus Experience, and more.

2021 College Ranking: Best Colleges & Universities 

  1. Harvard University
  2. Yale University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  4. Princeton University
  5. California Institute of Technology
  6. Stanford University
  7. Rice University
  8. Northwestern University
  9. Duke University
  10. University of Pennsylvania

Woohoo! NC made the top 10 list. Check out the full article and list by WalletHub here.

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