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Melany Myers

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Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

They’re back and even more accessible this year! KFC’s chicken-scented firelogs. Cause when it gets chilly you wanna warm up and have the smell of fried chicken throughout your home.

The brand is bringing back this viral holiday item again for the third year in a row. These logs channel KFC’s iconic 11 herbs and spices and make them into a cozy piece of wood that will make your whole house smell like you’ve just brought in a bucket of the crispy goodness.

This holiday item has sold out very quickly in past years, and this year, it is available exclusively on and in select Walmart stores.  This log can be yours for $15.88 plus tax and delivery fees and it is available right now. You can check here for online and in-store availability.

These will make a great gift for the chicken lover on your holiday list. But act fast…you wanna get yours ASAP. These would make a great gift for “secret Santa” at the office.

I’m not sure this would work for me. If I smell fried chicken lots in my house, I’m gonna wanna eat! And I need NO help there!