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Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Trick-or-treating in this age of social distancing has families coming up with creative ways to give out candy on Halloween. Some are using PVC pipes as candy chutes. Others are putting treats in their front lawns on candy sticks. I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a stadium t-shirt gun to blast candy out to the street from my stoop. Mel says that might get me arrested. But a family in York County, Pennsylvania has figured out a safer way to launch Halloween treats to kids this week.

WPMT-TV reports that the Mak family has built a pandemic proof delivery device called the “Candypult.” It’s a spring-loaded catapult capable of sending Halloween treats across the family’s lawn to waiting children. Vince Mak is anticipating that the Candypult will make his home a popular destination on October 31st. He told WPMT-TV, “I guess we’ll have to get extra candy this year.” He could be right. You can see the Candypult in action below: