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Melany Myers

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Halloween is on the way and there’s a good chance you’ll end up with some leftover candy. You’ll also probably end up with lots of candy from your kid if they go trick-or-treating. You can make some yummy looking desserts with Halloween candy. I had no clue!

I found this list on Yahoo and most of these desserts seem relatively easy to make. The first one caught my eye: Kit Kat Cake. This dessert features a layered chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and strawberries, a “wall” of Kit Kats on the outside, and glazed fruit on top. YUM!

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Did you know you could make frosting out of Starbucks? I had no clue until today! You can whip up a fun frosting for cupcakes using your favorite flavor of Starburst.  The recipe is pretty easy too. Kids will love this!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are a favorite candy for many, and you can create a Frozen Peanut Butter Pie with them. This recipe calls for broken pretzels on top of the pie for a nice crunch.

Chocolate is my favorite, but I’m usually not a big brownie fan. This brownie recipe may change my mind! If you love the fluffy whipped chocolate candy bar 3 Musketeers, then you’ll dig this.  You can make rich fudge-and-candy brownies with the candy bar. I really like a dark chocolate Milky Way, so I bet you could use that in this recipe too.

The most festive dessert has to be the Skittles Rainbow Ice Cream. Talk about festive! With a hearty handful of Skittles and a hint of Starburst sneaked in the mixture too, it’s gonna make everyone happy. Tasty and pretty!

Check out all the recipes you can make with Halloween candy here. Crafty and yummy!