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Luke Combs recalls his wedding day in Florida in August as one of the best days of his life and as he shared with us, there was one special moment he won’t soon forget.

Luke told us, “Seeing Nicole for the first time that day was I mean… nothing will beat that, you know. When she walked down the aisle. I was genuinely floored by that moment. That was a very impactful moment on me.”

He adds, “Just having our friends and family there. You hear people say those things when you’re growing up and then you live that moment and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah.’ Well, people say that because that’s the whole reason. It was never for anyone else but for us, you know what I mean? I’m so glad that the people that we loved were able to be there and share in that moment.”

Combs concluded, “Just to have a night that kind of felt normal outside of this weird year because it felt so relaxed and normal.”

Luke and Nicole