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Coronavirus Information Report

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - APRIL 24: Signs along the city highways in Charlotte caution people to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on April 24, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, recently extended the state’s stay-at-home order through May 8 as he looks to open the state in three phases. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Just like every business, face-to-face appointments are becoming less and less a thing due to COVID-19. Raleigh news station, ABC 11, has received several calls from people in their viewing area saying that the DMV says the second week of December is the earliest possible they can get into the DMV for a face-to-face appointment.

While some things have switched to virtual, there are some things that just have to be in person, and the DMV is one of those things. The DMV, just like lots of other places, have restricted their business to appointments only and have gotten rid of the ‘walk-in and wait’ ability. Sounds reasonable right? Well…how about these numbers. North Carolina has 96 DMV offices open and they’re estimated to make about 6,000 transactions per day.

If your license is about to expire, NC DMV will not offer you an extension based on not being able to make an appointment in time but will let you start the renewal process 6 months in advance. Might as well go ahead and check your expiration date and add that to your to-do list! If you don’t need your license renewed, but still have to make a visit to the DMV, head on over to the website and see if what you need can be done virtually or if you will, in fact, need an appointment.

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