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We all deserve a glass, no a bottle, of this wine. A Pennsylvania winery has come up with the best wine for 2020. And the name of the wine perfectly describes this year. Grovedale Winery produces more than two dozen different bottles of wine, but their new one is getting attention.

Their new wine is titled Sh!tshow. It’s a wine for the times! I LOVE it!  The oak-barrel aged blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot was released early in 2020 without any knowledge of how the rest of the year would go. They definitely nailed 2020 with this title!

You don’t have to live in Pennsylvania to snag a bottle. You can order the wine online and the website is hilarious! Grovedale Winery is planning on having sales go to a charitable organization.

At the moment, the owner, Jeff Homer is working on a collaboration with charities. He wants to make sure that a portion of the proceeds helps to increase mental health awareness. He wants to help those that need assistance.

A funny, sarcastic wine that can help others…..I LOVE this! I dig red wine, I’m sarcastic, and I’m more than happy to try and help out other people. Good stuff! Grab more info on the wine here.   Cheers to having a good sense of humor! We all need it to get through 2020!

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