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Maren Morris wanted to make sure she was being “real” when she sat down with a couple of friends to write her latest song “Better Than We Found It.”

Maren said of her inspiration to put pen to paper that day, “I was feeling really down after the Democratic & Republican conventions. I try to stay as plugged in as I possibly can, but it’s just, whatever side of the aisle you’re coming from, it’s just been such a divisive, heavy time for our country. And I was booked for a writing session that Friday after all the conventions had ended, and I was with Jessie Jo (Dillon) and Laura (Veltz) and Jimmy Robbins, and I just did not feel like writing that morning, but I obviously wanted to see them.”

She continued, “So I think we all were in the same headspace, we’re like how do we write some sort of like fun weekend party song right now when our country is, you know, torn down the middle? And I was like, ‘Well, I guess we don’t. I guess we just write what we’re thinking right now. And I was like, I’m not going to write this song unless we, you know, state which side of the line we’re on.’ Because whatever party you’re voting for, I do believe that there is a right and a wrong with human issues, and so those aren’t political or partisan to me.”

Morris added, “So I said if we’re going to write this song, I’m not going to do the kind of beating around the bush, not stating where you stand part of it, like where everyone can just listen to it and move on with their day. I want to be real here.”

One of Maren’s co-writers Jessie Jo Dillon told us her take on writing the song. She said, “We were at Maren‘s house on the back porch. We all just started talking about how we were feeling about the state of the world, and our country. We were talking about all of these kinda subjects… the environment, Black Lives Matter, which we all support, Biden and Trump, ICE, systemic racism and human trafficking.”

Dillon added, “We are all good friends and agree with each other so it was a safe place in that way. It’s hard to talk about these things with some of my friends and family these days. The four of us were all on the same page and we really wanted to write a truthful song about coming together to do better, to be better, and being the change you want to see.”

Maren Morris