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Joao Cachapa/Pixabay

Do you still have your Play-Doh Fun Factory from when you were a kid? Find it or go buy a new one. Huffington Post is reporting that Hasbro has just come out with new Play-Doh Grownup Scents.

It’s still the same fun, moldable Play-Doh you remember from childhood, but this new version smells like the stuff of adulthood. The scents include “Overpriced Latte,” “Mom Jeans,” “Dad Sneakers,” “Spa Day,” “Lord of the Lawn,” and “Grill King.” I like the sound of that last one.

Play-Doh Grownup Scents would make a good gift for someone who’s a kid-at-heart this holiday season. Based on the Amazon listing, this stuff is already popular. You may have to check back to see when it’s in stock again.

Fun Fact: When it was invented in the 1930s, Play-Doh was sold under a different name as a product used to clean coal soot off wallpaper. It was rebranded as a kids’ modeling compound in the 1950s.