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Kane Brown premiered his “Worship You” video last week and it features his wife Katelyn and one year old daughter Kingsley.

Kane says of the song, “‘Worship You’ is basically ‘Heaven’ 2.0. It’s saying that your girl, your wife, is your everything. You know that she don’t walk on water or anything like that, but you basically praise her. Originally it was thinking about Kate you know, but then I did this video that I put on my Instagram. It was me, Kate and Kingsley and I was singing it to Kingsley. So I was like you know, this song could be about my daughter.”

He added, “It’s basically just worshiping my family now. They’re both my girls and I’d do anything for them. Worship the ground they walk on. I feel like it’s going to be a wedding song, and everybody has been asking for it so I’m just excited I get to release it.”

GALLERY: Kane Brown