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(Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images)

In year with lots of political fighting, fighting in the NFL is nothing new, but I do commend the NFL for swift action and intolerance for this type of behavior. Bears receiver JAVON WIMS has been suspended two games for repeatedly punching Saints safety C.J. GARDNER-JOHNSON during Sunday’s game.  Javon claims C.J. spit on him, but C.J. denies it.

After a play, Javon ran up behind C.J., reached around, yanked out C.J.’s chain or mouthpiece, and punched his helmet.  C.J. looked confused, and then Javon punched him AGAIN.

They started brawling, and other players on both teams jumped in.  Javon was ejected from the game.  Her’s the call from Fox Sports.

Javon reportedly told the Bears he started the fight because C.J. spit on him and yanked HIS mouthpiece out on an earlier play. But the NFL suspended Javon for two games anyway. C.J. denies the spitting.  He said, quote, “It ain’t got nothing to do with me.  If he’s acting out, that’s on him . . . Ain’t nothing happened.  Nobody got spit on.” After the game, C.J. posted about it on social media, saying, quote, “That man punch like a female,” and he added the laugh-crying emoji. It’s probably not a coincidence.  C.J. has supposedly been building a reputation as an agitator and trash-talker. Somebody even wrote an article titled “Who Is C.J. Gardner-Johnson, and Why Does He Keep Getting Punched?”

The Complete Sheet (Wise Brothers Media) contributed to this post. 11/3/20