Have you seen the latest TLC sensation, I Love A Mama’s Boy? If you haven’t you need to. Not necessarily because it’s a great show, but more because it is a total RUCKUS! Phil showed me two clips from the show and my mouth just dropped. I was speechless. And you know that happens rarely!

The show is about four very “interesting” mother-son relationships. When I say “interesting”, I mean just flat out weird! I realize that mothers and sons can be very close but the folks on this show come off as a bit creepy. Not trying to be mean, just being honest.

TLC debuted the show on October 25 and I have no doubt it’s doing well. You can’t stop watching. It’s a train-wreck! Here’s an example: in an episode one of the son’s tells his mom that he and his fiancee are moving to another state for his job. His mom is NOT having it. The son promises to visit his mom but that isn’t good enough for her.

Now, most moms would be upset that their child was moving far away, but they’d still want their child to grow and do well. This mom isn’t about all of that. She looks into the camera and says that her son isn’t considering her feelings and that she will come up with a plan so he doesn’t move. What?!

Another mom and son are so close that they do almost everything together. They even went lingerie shopping for his girlfriend. Mom and son shopping for grown son’s girlfriend. Lingerie! Not a sweater or earrings, lingerie. That is just odd to me!

There is NOTHING wrong with being close to your parents. I talk to my mom almost every day, however I would not ask either of my parents to go lingerie shopping with me. The horror!

What are your thoughts? Here’s a clip to check out. Wow. Just wow.