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Melany Myers

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It’s time for “turkey talk” since we are only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. Arby’s is ready! They’re celebrating the launch of their deep-fried turkey sandwiches with a festive pillow. And it’s hilarious and funny! Arby’s has a Deep Fried Turkey Pillow and I need it!

This is a real pillow designed to slip over your head and help you have “the best turkey sleep of your life.” It basically looks like a turkey. And yes you put it ON your head. This thing cracks me up!

If you want to buy one, they’re $59.95, however they’re currently sold out. NO! But you can still get one by going to Just fill out an entry form and hope you’re chosen. Did I sign up for one? You KNOW it!

And if you don’t score one, you’re not totally out. Arby’s will give you a coupon food for 50% off of any Turkey Sandwich or Wrap at Arby’s just for entering. Not a bad deal!  If you win one or end up with one, I’m gonna need you to send me pics!