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Melany Myers

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According to a new study, over a third of Americans say picked up at least one new hobby during the pandemic. Baking and cooking is the most popular hobby folks have picked up. Self-taught baker Liz Joy’s pies are absolutely amazing! I’m happy if I can bake a pie without burning it, forget about creating something magical with a pie.

Joy’s pies tell stories from tales we all know, like Little Red Riding Hood. She does astounding nods to Peter Pan, Ursula, and Ariel from Disney. There are also Joy’s own visions like a girl in a little snow globe, a boy having adventures in the wild, or a fairy sitting on the edge of the moon.

Other themes include seasons like autumn, Christmas, and floral themes. No matter what the pie looks like, these delicious works of art are definitely eaten with your eyes first. These pies are truly too beautiful to cut into. And yet, they look so yummy!

It’s apparent that Joy loves to bake. Her Instagram account proves that!  She makes anything related to baking: from cookies, to doughnuts, to full-blown cakes, and of course, pies.  Honestly, I truly cannot describe the amazingness that are Joy’s baked creations. This woman has serious talent!

See pictures of her stylish treats here.  I’ve already started following her on Instagram. I’m in such awe of folks with such artistic talent.