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Feeling like it’s the end of days? I don’t, but it sure makes you wonder. Crazy pandemic that’s getting worse instead of better, even crazier election, wildfires out of control. Not to mention all that’s happened around the world. Yesterday was November 11th and it was 82 degrees! 70 today with thunderstorms and flooding. I-85 underwater this morning. I live in Concord and Old Airport Road was flooded in places around where I live. It’s also been the worst hurricane season of record with the sheer number of devastating storms. Do you feel like 2020 is just a really bad movie that won’t end? Me too. Stay safe out there. Make sure to do all you can, no one can do more than that.

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I personally don’t believe the world is ending, but it sure has been the craziest year. A look at the Top 10 disasters globally as we count down to the END of 2020!

Disasters of 2020: World is dying?

Disasters of 2020: World is Dying? Just 8 months into the year and endless disasters have taken place, Covid-19 being on the top of the list. Millions of peo...