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We all miss “live” music. Music fans can’t wait to go to a concert again but if we exercise common sense, you know that can’t happen right now. Things will be a lot different when concerts start up again.  Ticketmaster is working on a system where you’ll have to either prove you’ve been vaccinated OR test negative in advance to even get past the gate.  Here’s how it’ll work:  After buying a ticket, you’ll either have to verify that you’ve been vaccinated within a certain window . . . or you’ll have to test negative 24 to 48 hours before the show.  It’ll be done through the Ticketmaster app before you even show up.

One official who’s helping entertainment companies establish COVID-19 strategies says, quote, “Integrating ticketing platforms with the guests verified testing results is one key way to reimagine how we’re going to get fans back to live events.”

The first thing that came to my mind is how easy it might be to “skirt” the system since that’s what people try to do. Concert goers will be only be hurting others if they cheat this system and further spread the virus. I think we are looking at 2022 anyway before this is even an issue. See below from TED TALKS, a representative from (IAVM) International Association of Venue Managers addresses his view on how and when Live Music returns.

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Inspired by The Complete Sheet © Wise Brothers Media. Originally posted on November 12th, 2020