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Melany Myers

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Most of would love to just forget about 2020 but if you’re going to buy a trinket to remember it, this is what you need. A guy on Etsy has recreated a 2020 Dumpster Fire Toy and it is awesome!

Amir Fakharian, the founder and CEO of RexRoi LLC, said after the pandemic caused all his corporate clients to cancel orders for the foreseeable future, he realized it was time to get creative. So he decided to make and sell 2020-themed dumpster fire toys and Christmas tree ornaments on Etsy. “‘Dumpster fire’ is just the perfect description of the year we’ve had,” Fakharian told CNN.

It DOES sum up this year nicely! So far, Etsy users are loving the toys! The company is also selling 2020-themed toilet paper Christmas tree ornaments. You gotta love a company that has a sense of humor!  Get yours now here and get the toilet paper ornaments here.