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Do you keep a secret stash of money hidden somewhere your partner doesn’t know about? If you think that question is “out there” it’s a lot more common than you may think.

According to a new survey, 37% of people say they have a secret stash of cash . . . and they’re hiding an average of $2,006.

Unlike it was a few generations ago, partners don’t seem to have the level of trust in their relationship these days. They’re suspicious that all good things will end and they need to have a “cash stash” they can get to if needed.

The survey also listed the most common money arguments that couples have:

1.  Worrying about debt.

2.  We believe our partner is spending too much.

3.  They believe we’re spending too much.

4.  We simply don’t know how to save.

5.  Couples question each other’s decisions about major purchases.

Are you hiding money from your partner?

A third of Americans have money hidden away from their partner, according to new research.The survey of 2,000 Americans in a relationship revealed 37% have a...