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Tommy Takacs/Pixabay

If you ever visit Canada in winter, not only will you have to adjust to speed limits in kilometers, you’ll have to watch out for moose tongues. Officials in Jasper, Alberta are quite serious about warning drivers to not let moose lick their cars.

According to CNN, moose coming after cars for a lick is a very real problem in Jasper. There are even electronic road signs broadcasting the warning. But why are the moose doing this?

Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young says moose need salt in their diets and usually get it from the salt lakes in the park. Unfortunately, they’ve discovered that road salt residue on cars is just as good.

The concern is that if the moose get hooked on car salt, they won’t hesitate to approach moving vehicles, and that could lead to terrible accidents. As Mr. Young says, “moose and cars are not a good mix.” His advice is to drive away if you come across a moose.