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Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A recent survey found that approximately 60% of American workers say they’ve had to work harder than ever in 2020, but that they plan on slacking off if they don’t start getting some recognition from management. In other words, show your employees some love, bosses. But the question is, what exactly do employees want? That’s easy: cash!

In another study, Huffington Post and YouGov asked 1,000 Americans what they would like to get as a gift from their employer this holiday season. Cash is king across all ages, races, genders, and income levels. Only 3% say they want a physical gift like a tech gadget or clothing, and only 8% said a gift card would suffice.

When the survey participants were asked to come up with a reasonable non-cash related gift they’d be happy with, the answers were all over the place. Everything from hand sanitizer to ham. One hopeful employee asked for a trip to Alaska. Another worker asked simply for “continued employment in 2021.”

The most telling statistic is that only 10% of the respondents said they expected to get any sort of holiday bonus from their employer. That request for “continued employment” might be the most realistic Christmas wish on the list.