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2020 has been a year that’s hard to describe in any words. Worst year I recall in my life in overall vibe. We’re all frustrated with the virus, the lack of socialization, the sheer lack of normalcy with our families.

As I told my 4 grandsons that we’re blessed to have, Santa is so busy this year because of the virus, that he asked me to be his helper. Santa asked me to talk to my grandsons about what a hard year it’s been and get their “Christmas list” and pass it on to him. Over Thanksgiving Santa even sent “Pawpaw” his suit to wear when I visited with my grandsons. You’ll ONLY see 3 grandsons in the photos because my middle grandson, Ezra wasn’t too sure about the familiar face wearing someone else’s clothes. He said that he’d give me his list when I looked like “pawpaw” again. Ezra got with me afterwards and did just that! Oh yes, My two kids just had to get a pic with Santa’s Helper too.

Merry Christmas everyone! Let’s all follow the rules so we can get through this. Thanks for listening to K104.7 all year and especially “Christmas K”. -Jack Daniel