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Mario Villafuerte/Getty Images

When you’re pulled over by the police for speeding, what do you expect to get? Nine times out of ten, you’ll be given a ticket. However, if you’re pulled over in Chesapeake, Virginia this week, you could be sent on your way with a Christmas feast.

WVEC-TV reports that the Chesapeake Police Department has decided to spread some holiday cheer to drivers, even if they run afoul of the law. On Friday, December 11th, they’ll be handing out turkeys instead of traffic tickets.

The police department is teaming up with Kroger and several other local groups for the festive giveaway. But just because drivers may be let off the hook, it’s not a pass to speed or otherwise drive recklessly. Police say the free turkeys won’t go to everyone. It will depend on the conditions of the traffic stop as well as the driver’s attitude. In other words, don’t be a turkey.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images