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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Anyone missing their pet goldfish? And have you been missing it for a few years? According to The Atlantic, a goldfish weighing an astounding nine pounds was found during a fish population survey at a lake in South Carolina.

Ty Houck, an official with Greenville County Rec, said the gargantuan goldfish was found on November 16th in a 12-acre body of water in Oak Grove Lake Park in the city of Greenville. The survey was done by “electrofishing,” which temporarily stuns the fish, causing them to float to the surface so they can be studied and measured.

Not only is the goldfish in question bigger than most, it may also be a lot older than average. The typical lifespan of goldfish is six to seven years. However, those found in the wild can live up to 30 years.

Houck said he believes the nine-pound goldfish was the only one swimming in the lake because park officials did not encounter any others in their survey. Goldfish are not native to South Carolina lakes, but Houck said it is not invasive or causing issues so it was released back into the water.

'Massive' goldfish weighing 9 pounds found in South Carolina lake

A goldfish weighing nine pounds came under the spotlight Monday after being discovered during a fish population survey at a lake in South Carolina, park offi...