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With many offices still closed or operating at limited capacity, “Secret Santa” gift exchanges aren’t happening so much this holiday season. That might not be a bad thing. It’s one holiday tradition that can really go wrong.

Metro asked their readers to tell them the worst gift they’ve gotten during an anonymous gift exchange and most of these are going to make you hope you never have to participate in “Secret Santa” ever again:

  • Empty DVD Case – The empty case was supposedly given as a joke but I have a feeling that “Secret Santa” just screwed up.
  • Chocolate Body Paint – Wow, that’s inappropriate at the office.
  • Canvas Print Of A Coffee Bean – Not offensive, but quite lame. And I say that as a coffee lover.
  • Neon Pink Unicorn Head Wall Mount – The recipient said it also lit up…and that they gave it away two days later.
  • Mistletoe Headband – Wishful thinking?
  • Grow-Your-Own-Boyfriend Kit – You’d have to really know the person to give something like that.
  • Heart-Shaped Frame With Photos Of All Your Office Hookups – Definitely embarrassing and possibly an H.R. issue.
  • Four Toilet Paper Rolls – Most years, this seems like a terrible Christmas gift. But in 2020? Score!

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images