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If you’re a parent in America, there’s a good chance you’ve had a Frito-Lay variety pack in your pantry. They’re the ultimate in quick snack convenience. Kids just reach in and pull out some chips or pretzels or popcorn or Cheeto’s. And all you had to do was buy them.

Inevitably, though, someone will find something to complain about with the variety pack. In my house, it’s the Cool Ranch Doritos. For some reason, my boys just don’t like them. As a result, that’s pretty much all I ever get out of a variety pack. But what if you could guarantee that you only got the snack flavors you like in the variety pack? Good news. You can!

According to Delish, you can now customize your own Frito-Lay variety packs. It only costs $10 (plus shipping) to choose 20 different snack bags. There are over 40 options available, including Ruffles, Cheetos, Fritos, Sun Chips and, yes, Cool Ranch Doritos. Come on, they’re good! And Funyuns are very underrated.

To build your own variety pack, go to Frito-Lay’s online shop. Make sure you start by entering your ZIP Code at the top of the page. Happy snacking!