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Charlotte lands on a lot of top ten lists, but this one could put us on Santa’s naughty list. As it turns out, the Queen City is one of the worst for driving during the holiday season.

GasBuddy has ranked the cities with the most aggressive holiday drivers. The top three cities are all in California, with Los Angeles at number one. Interestingly, last year’s number one city, Atlanta, dropped out of the top ten entirely. And New York City, infamous for its angry drivers, is only 14th on the list. Meanwhile, two cities in North Carolina cracked the top ten:

Ten Cities With The Most Aggressive Holiday Drivers

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Diego
  3. Sacramento
  4. Memphis
  5. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  6. Raleigh
  7. San Francisco
  8. Dallas-Fort Worth
  9. Detroit
  10. Charlotte

Come on, people. Tis the season for kindness and generosity. Slow down and let the other guy go first. You can see the full “Aggressive Holiday Drivers” ranking HERE.