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Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

A lot of people got into gardening to relieve stress during the 2020 lockdown, but not everyone has a green thumb. If you want make something bloom this year without having to get your hands dirty, LEGO has the answer.

Japan Today reports that LEGO has added something new for the adult market. It’s a Botanical collection, which includes a flower bouquet and bonsai tree.

What’s fun about these LEGO sets is that the bouquet and bonsai tree can both be built in multiple ways. With the bouquet, you can make various floral arrangements, add the LEGO Roses or LEGO Tulips, and adjust the stem size to fit any vase. Your bonsai tree can be either an evergreen or cherry blossom, complete with little frogs.

Another interesting feature of the Botanical collection is that the plastic bricks are made from sustainable sugar cane. So the “plants” you’re building are actually plant-based! Here’s a look at the bonsai tree: