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A Georgia man who finished last in a fantasy football league found himself in a sticky…and sweet situation. In losing a bet with his fellow players, Michael Carsley was sentenced to eat waffles at a Waffle House. That actually sounds pretty good except that the bet was to do it for 24 hours.

Carsley followed through on the bet, although he only ate for five of the 24 hours. For every waffle he ate, his friends let him take an hour off his time at the restaurant. Michael managed to eat 18 waffles. He also live streamed the experience.

According to WSB-TV, there’s a little more to the story. Carsley’s five-hour feast left him with a $49 tab. The tip was a lot more than 20 percent. Over those five hours, his friends used social media to raise $1,100 for Michael’s server.

All those waffles amounted to a whopping 5,652 calories, not including butter or syrup. But Carsley said it was worth stuffing himself to see the look on his server’s face when she got the generous tip.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images