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I love cheese! So this is 100% right up my alley. Sadly my significant other isn’t a big fan (boo!) so I won’t be sending him a free box anytime soon.

If you’re looking for something a little different this year, why not indulge your Valentine’s savory side instead of their sweet tooth. Wisconsin Cheese is making that easy for us by offering limited-edition, personalized heart-shaped boxes of cheese. And the best part? They’re giving them away for free.

The heart-shaped boxes will contain five specialty Wisconsin kinds of cheese, including a Chocolate Mascarpone, a Black Truffle Cheddar, and a Maple Bourbon Cheddar. You can make your nominations at and according to the official rules, you’ll need to write at least a 100-word explanation of why you’ve chosen your nominee, but winners are being chosen at random. Multiple nominations are “encouraged” and you have until January 31st to get them in.

Source: Food and Wine

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