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Garth Brooks has been on fire on Twitter as people are commenting and loving him hugging each former President and First Lady after his performance of “Amazing Grace” at the Inauguration yesterday (1/20).

Many others commented on Brooks’ show of love, with a guy named Byron tweeting, “BREAKING: Garth Brooks unites country by hugging former Presidents and First Ladies . The USA no longer has Friends in Low Places. #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #GarthBrooks.”

“Martin” tweeted, “#GarthBrooks was on his way out , stopped, thought, when will I get another chance to hug multiple presidents. I’m going in.”

Actor Maxwell Caulfield tweeted, “Getting the whole country to sing the final verse together was one smooth move #Unity EagleFlag of United States #GarthBrooks.”

Meanhiwle, Garth was tweeting about his time at the event himself, writing in one tweet, “.@ladygaga You were fabulous today and everyday A national treasure Please tell Frederick and Miss Sarah thank you for me! They saved a cowboy today Oh, and tell Miss Sarah to hug her momma for me! love, g.”


Garth Brooks – 2021 President Biden’s Inauguration