Luke Combs addresses the division in the country in a new song, which he surprise-released a few hours ago. “The Great Divide,” is a collaboration with bluegrass artist, Billy Strings.

The lyrics begin, “We’re striking matches on the TV/Setting fires on our phones/Bearing crosses we believe in dying on/Tempers flare, the flame flies higher/As we soar closer towards the sun.” However, Combs points out in the song, “But I like to think too much damage ain’t been done,” and later pleads with listeners: “We gotta find a way across the great divide.”

Combs says of the song, “There’s still a lot of crazy things going on in the world. And I just felt like I had some stuff to say. It’s not meant to be political. It’s not meant to try and tell you what to think or tell you how to believe. That’s not my job. It’s just a guy kinda saying the way he was feeling when he wrote it.”

The song was written by Combs, Strings and Wyatt Durrette and features Charlie Worsham (acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo), Royal Masat (bass) and Eric Darken (percussion).

Combs posted to Twitter, “New song “The Great Divide” with @BillyStrings out now. Wrote it with my buddies Billy and Wyatt Durrette in June of last year. It was originally intended to be on a bluegrass album that I was working on, but that has been put on pause for now and album 3 is up next.”

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