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Jack Daniel

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One sure thing about the last 12 months is that it’s like “Groundhog Day” everyday. Your life has become a rollercoaster since last March and many that can take advantage of the situation have certainly tried.¬†There were more than 50 BILLION scam calls to Americans last year…and last month, there were an average of 129.5 million every day, or 1,500 each second.

I don’t answer calls from a number I don’t know. It seems that I’m not in the minority either. 94% of people won’t answer calls from any unknown numbers. That’s up from 72% one year ago.¬†When you get a call from an unknown number, do you answer it or ignore it and say, “If it’s actually something important they’ll leave a voicemail?” I’ve found that to be a good working plan as I haven’t missed any really important calls as those folks always leave a message. Hey some of the scammers do as well, I just don’t return those. Screen times are up and folks know your phone is handy. Be safe and don’t be taken by scammers.